hi im barbara and im terrible with money. animals and girls are so important. [lesbian, vegan, depressed, binge eating disorder 10+ years, physically able bodied, white, middle class, cis female]
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when youre at family suppers



People will stop watching shows & buying merch when the actors do something they disagree with.

People will stop going to restaurants when the owners are shown to be intolerant.

People boycott stores when they see ads that they don’t agree with.

People will make the connection that their money equals their support

until a vegan tells them buying meat supports the torture of animals.


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

Can’t afford an adoption fee? DON’T TAKE IN AN ANIMAL!


This is something I shouldn’t have to say, but I’m going to say it anyways because I am shocked by the amount of people who tell me “I can’t afford the adoption fee but I want this cat please. I’ll give it a good home I promise!”….


If you can’t afford between $20 and $60, what will you do if that animal is hit by a car? Leave it to die slowly in your home? What if it gets a severe cold? Parvo? Ear mites? You’re just gonna sit back while that animal suffers? How can you afford food? What about toys?

I know a lot of people say it because they’re cheap and want to get out of paying for an animal, but a rescue can’t just give you an animal. This isn’t Petco or Petsmart or Pet Club. This isn’t a business. I don’t make a profit from this. I literally make enough to keep it going and often have to dip into personal money to even have that happen.

Quit being cheap! And if you truly don’t have the money to pay an adoption fee DO NOT GET AN ANIMAL. Don’t do that to the animal. It is unbelievably selfish for you to take in an animal with full knowledge that if something happens you’ll have to let it die slowly and painfully and miserably. But hey, that’s okay as long as you have a pet for a little while right? WRONG. It’s selfish and cruel and sick and twisted! Things happen on accident all the time and you never know when you’ll need money to take your pet to the vet. And you might think “oh if it’s hurt they won’t turn me down to treat it” and you’re right in a way, but do you know how they’ll treat it? They’ll euthanize it. They won’t use their own company money or money from their pockets to give the animal treatment. What they do is they kill it. So yes, it doesn’t exactly die painfully and slowly and miserably, but it still dies all because you were so selfish and wanted a pet so much you didn’t care one bit about the animal’s safety, comfort or life in general.




You know, the vegan community provides more links in discussion than most other types of people on tumblr. When vegans are talking about veganism/animal rights, I always see source upon source and link upon link for more information within the lengthy posts or responses, thoroughly explaining themselves, as to why something might not be okay. And in these discussions, I’ve never seen people act more like a child screaming, “Lalalala I’m not listening!! You’re wrong!!!”

Lets only worry about animals dying, its not like humans are a giant genocide machine that preys on just animals. The animal humans kill the most of is humans. Lets worry about the big problems first

Oh yeah you’re totally right, I forgot it’s impossible for people to be concerned with multiple issues thanks.
On average, 150 BILLION land and marine animals are killed every single year for the food industry, more than the deaths of humans caused by humans. So not only is there MASS amounts of suffering and abuse, and needless death alone, animal agriculture is causing the eradication of species, rapidly destroying ecosystems, and is one of the largest contributors to global climate change. Not only that, the grain and food fed to livestock in the US alone could feed 800 million people. That’s a pretty big problem to me. Do you just spew shit you have no clue on just because it’s against your lifestyle? Vegans don’t get any personal gain from advocating veganism, but it is such a huge fucking problem that people are ignoring because they’re too selfish and want a burger. This is not about food preference. These are animal, human, environmental, and global threatening issues. Open your eyes and do your damn research.



Urgent - Please Spotlight:

I regret to tell you that Christina Fonthes - a dear friend and organiser of Rainbow Noir has been held against her will in The Congo - she was on a family holiday with her mother who has decided to have Christina ‘cured’ of her sexuality. 

Christina has managed to escape from her aunt’s house and is currently hiding out with a friend. She has access to internet and has been communicating with us via email. The next available flight is 2nd September - 5 days away! Chris needs help and protection from the British Embassy in Congo but her mother has reported her missing and therefore we need to get in contact with both the UK Home Office and UK embassy in Congo to let them know that she is in danger and that her mother is lying/the one endangering her life!!

PLEASE SHARE THIS ON ALL YOUR NETWORKS. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET the British embassy on behalf of Christina - the more we call, the more attention it will bring to her case and hopefully they will act quicker in getting Christina to a safe place. 



If you can help please contact @RainbowNoirMCR or @WritersofColour on twitter.

UK EMBASSY: 0871 050 5840 

DETAILS OF THE EMBASSY IN CONGO ARE HEREhttps://www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy-kinshasa

Please re-tumblr this. This is an actual friend of ours and we need your help to get her home safe.


The Far Left Side: Christian Purity Ball




"Stop forcing your beliefs on me!" whined the carnist as they ate the flesh of someone who was literally forced to die because of the carnist’s beliefs that they are entitled to others’ bodies

It sounds like you’re confusing carnism with cannibalism

Ah no it seems like you’re confused about what we mean when we say “someone.” You see there is this really weird, radical notion within veganism that animals are, in fact; not objects.

tigers on leashes = not okay.


films with teens driving around the city at night and falling in love with each other to cool soundtracks would be great if they weren’t all so damn heterosexual where’s my fuckin mediocre lesbian indie movie with shitty rock music and and they fall in love and wear each other’s hoodies where the FUCK is my FUCKGjng

I would love to date a chef. I’d probably get really fat, but I don’t care.




"Stop forcing your beliefs on me!" whined the carnist as they ate the flesh of someone who was literally forced to die because of the carnist’s beliefs that they are entitled to others’ bodies

It sounds like you’re confusing carnism with cannibalism

Ah no it seems like you’re confused about what we mean when we say “someone.” You see there is this really weird, radical notion within veganism that animals are, in fact; not objects.




Hey everyone; That Vegan Cosplayer here! I’m gonna be doing a li’l vegan give-away! Why? Because I love you guys and I like to give people STUFF! Why vegan? Well, I think that should be pretty obvious.

Simply REBLOG and FOLLOW me to enter the give-away! Please remember that the winner (yes – only one winner) will be chosen AT RANDOM! There is more information in the rules below!

This contest begins Monday, August 11 2014 at 8pm PST and will end Thursday, September 11 2014 at 8pm PST.

GOOD LUCK!!! (And yes – I will ship to the winner wherever they may be; even outside of the USA!)


  1. “Dominion” by Matthew Scully! – used but in good condition.
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  5. “Forks Over Knives” DVD! – a documentary about plant-based eating.
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  1. Again, the winner will be RANDOMLY DRAWN!
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  7. Rules and items are subject to change! Check this post regularly!


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